Welcome to my world of wooly fiber! You can find all the wool lovelies I am currently sharing with the world from right here!  My shops feature hand painted combed top offering several different fibers, many bulky handspun yarn for quick projects and beginners, and finished items that I create along my fiber journey. I hope you enjoy looking around and feel inspired!  Don't forget the power of your comments and sharing - there's lots of ways to show powerful love and support!  Extra special thanks to those that help support me and my small business!  I appreciate every one of you! 

The Fiber Faerie - Offering Handspinning Supplies

*Hand Painted Combed Top/Roving - Dyed Silk Hankies - Dyed Wool Locks

ilashdesigns - Offering Handspun Yarn and Patterns

*Handspun Yarn made from my hand dyed fiber in many gauges. Lots of my favorite bulky thick and thin gauge for quick projects!  All soft and served up kosher.  Let me know if you have yarn preferences.  I am happy to accomodate your requests! 

ilashkisses - Offering finished items from my products.  

*This is where I work out any project ideas with yarn and fiber.  I've also been known to slip in a little vintage jewelry there too. I have plans for more hardware type products to be offered here in the future.  

All of my items are dyed with lots of love and attention! Only soft, clean beautiful products go out my door!

About me:  I love playing with color!  I do tend to have a preference for more traditional colorways, but I like to try new color ideas too! I like to think color combinations have a story to tell. Somehow they speak to us and comfort us or excite us in just the right ways!  I develop my colorways with this in mind.  Then I give them to you to write the next chapter.  The final chapter is written by the recipient and how it makes them feel.  Warm? Happy? Comforted? Loved?   SCORE! 

I get all jazzed about that.  

Thank you for checking in on  me and my fiber journey. Please contact me if I can help you in your fiber journey!   I'd love to hear from you and chat fiber anytime!  

Your friend in fiber,